Nothing can really make up for the lack of decorative elements at home. Our choice of accessories and furniture speaks volumes about our personal style, but what can really help our home stand out from the crowd is personalisation. You have to admit that almost any room looks a bit unfinished without that one special design element, the eye-candy that takes all the attention and brightens up the entire space. We live in the era where individuality and uniqueness are extremely valued features. DecoPlanet recognises the need to be yourself and offers tailor-made wall decorations designed to suit the needs of the most demanding decorators.


DecoPlanet is a leading designer and manufacturer of top-quality wall decorations. With a database containing over 20 million different prints and graphics, artists and designers from DecoPlanet can help you transform your rooms in whatever way you choose. DecoPlanet offers wall murals, stickers, acrylic panels, glass splashbacks, printed canvas, dibond and PVC decorative pieces.


DecoPlanet’s founders understand that everyone has its own vision when it comes to designing and decorating a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, or a kids room. Some opt for traditional wall paper, others dream of having an impressive wall mural in their living room. Whatever your vision for your home is, you can be sure to find the right decorative elements at DecoPlanet. You can change the look of your kitchen by adding a colourful splashback, or give the luxurious look to old cabinets by applying designer stickers. If you feel like it, you can even change your bedroom into a bungalow from a tropical island by applying beach-themed decorations all around the space or create a spa-like atmosphere at your bathroom by adding acrylic panels featuring candles, hot stones, aromatherapy oils and lotus flowers. The only limit is your imagination. Children’s rooms tend to be especially challenging places to get right. They need to be equally stimulating and calming, thus creating a perfect place for a child to grow, develop creativity, curiosity and passion. DecoPlanet’s offer of specially designed wall decorations for children is a vibrant and colourful collection of real-life pictures of wild animals, puppies, kittens, cartoon drawings of beloved fairy tale characters, captivating graphics and relaxing nature sights. DecoPlanet’s decorations can be applied not only to the walls, but also to furniture and bigger home appliances.


DecoPlanet’s decorations come in all shapes and sizes to help you create the look you are looking for, therefore every order leaving the production hall is custom-made with care and extreme attention to detail. With the use of high-end printing methods and the most advanced large-scale printers available on the market you can be sure to receive the best quality with the highest resolution possible. If you do not want to choose a design from DecoPlanet’s database, you can upload your own picture and turn it into a one-of-a-kind sticker, wall mural, splashback, or canvas. DecoPlanet highly values safety of its clients therefore it uses only eco-friendly materials which are safe for humasplashbacksns and house pets.