Case Studies

Curious to see how SEO works? Let’s look at Ireland Stats ( This site came from zero to a hero in less than 2 months.
Ireland Stats is a one-of-a-kind website that features detailed statistics on Irish schools. They show data like the number of students in Irish schools, boy-girl breakdown figures, or even student-teacher ratio. Ireland Stats is exceptional since they records cover all Irish schools, but analyze the data from historical perspective.
The moment it was launched in March 2013, Ireland Stats did not vary from other start-ups. A quick look into the site’s statistics revealed the ugly truth – either we start SEO campaign or we’re going to be at the end of the Internet 😉
And we did that! Thanks to our search engine marketing efforts, 100% compliant with the recent Google Quality Standards, the site has started to enjoy better and better visibility in Google to attract hundreds of unique users in 30 days only. Currently, there are about 1000 users visiting Ireland Stats daily. That’s quite an impressive figure, isn’t it?
We won’t sit on our laurels, though. Web promotion strategy is well underway and soon we will drive the number of visitors much higher. Stay tuned for more success stories. And if you want to be featured in this Success Stories section, just drop us an e-mail.