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BizDb- – is an innovative online business database comprising more than an average company directory does. Instead of being a simple business phone book, it creates exhaustive company profiles, which make the companies you search for more accessible, both on the web and in reality. It also gives an insight into the companies’ structures and their economic situation, keeping all the information relevant and up-to-date.

BizDb brings companies closer

At BizDb both big and small companies are equally important. All the enterprises have their full-blown entries featuring contact data extending far beyond the usual address and phone number. Apart from these, the profiles include the companies’ emails and current as well as former websites. To facilitate access to their locations, Google Maps and Google Street View are implemented, along with distances to other nearby firms. Apart from contact data, basic information on the companies’ age, legal status, category, and registration numbers are kept updated. Last but not least, BizDb grants you an insight into the companies’ overseeing boards, providing the names of their directors.

Find your company easily

At BizDb you can find particular companies fast and easily with the use of either of the two research options available. You can do your research more traditionally, using an alphabetically and numerically ordered list of all the companies included in the database. Alternatively, you can make use of the refined Companies Search engine. This search tool will help you find a particular company even if you do not remember its present name. Several intelligent filters are designed so that you can search for your company by its approximate location, i.e. by town or postal code, status and category. If you wish to find your company by its economic branch, you can browse the database through the SIC code filter.

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Assess companies’ performance and future prospects

Aside from full contact data and the ease of use, BizDb provides its users with an opportunity to assess particular companies’ performance on the market throughout the years of their existence. Annual reports are the basis of the whole sets of statistical information on the companies’ profit and loss, balance sheet, capital and reserves and other financial data. All this information is adjusted to the average users’ economic competence. This means that even those who are not proficient in financial terminology will find it easy to interpret the data thanks to brief explanations of the terms. Another way to help you make use of the data is an updated graph on each profile presenting visually all the crucial trends of a company’s functioning. These annually updated tendencies make it possible to estimate future prospects of the companies as well.

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BizDb is a comprehensive and functional UK business database which should not be overlooked by those who seek global information on the UK companies. It is also a professional source of all the businesses’ up-to-date contact data. The website’s major merits among other business directories are the full company pages including complete contact data and financial statistics, and fast and easy-to-use search tool options. It is important that BizDb not only offers a lot of useful information but also makes the data easy to interpret for an average Internet user, not necessarily an expert in economics.