Bizset takes US companies transparency to the next level

Many would agree that the internet revolutionised consumer access to information. One of the most sought-after data relates to the practicalities and financial performance of both large international corporations and small businesses. Professionals looking for smart ways to learn more about their markets can today use many tools which offer lots of valuable data in one place. One of such outlets is Bizset, a brand new platform dedicated to unveiling everything consumers and professionals would like to know about companies located in the US.


Why access to company information is important


One of the critical values cultivated in today’s business is transparency. Brands are present on social media and directly interact with customers. US companies often use their offices and employees to show off their brand. Sharing information about themselves, they subscribe to a new standard in business. And since good business is based on trust, transparency can only boost the relationship between consumers and companies.


However, the growing demand for quality business data hasn’t been properly met yet. Browsing a number of online databases, average internet users are quickly discouraged and most often abandon their search for key company data. Business directories are extremely hard to make sense of and usually boast complex structures that require at least basic usage knowledge. But even if users manage to find what they were looking for, they’ve got no guarantee that the information is up to date. A brief review of existing directories shows that they often include fragmentary data and incomplete profiles.


Bizset is a database which fills this market gap by offering critical company data in a user-friendly form. Browsing the directory is a piece of cake, and users are assured that all information is accurate and constantly updated for their convenience. To make searching for data easier, Bizset provides users with an efficient search tool, helping visitors to check all types of information related to any existing company in the US.


With a couple of clicks, users see complete company profiles filled with plenty of useful contact data such as all available website addresses, phone numbers and a selection of company e-mails. At the moment Bizset also provides precise address displayed on an interactive map. The creators behind the project aim to soon add other information to the platform, such as patents or company filings. Every profile on Bizset has a clear structure, helping users easily orient themselves among data and find what they were looking for.


Bizset – for whom?


Who can benefit from access to this type of company data? Practically anyone who is interested in becoming part of the American market. Job seekers can screen companies and learn more about them before applying for a position. Researchers and journalists can compile data exported from the platform into smart statistical analyses. An average consumer interested in any company located in the US will now have a point of reference as well.


Bizset offers many functionalities which are all geared at making complex company data accessible to everyone, allowing users to access millions of meticulously organised data points about companies operating in the United States.