Director CheckIt’s clear that access to key company data on the web is still challenging to many regular users. Online business directories and their labyrinthine structures are hard to navigate and hardly user-friendly. Fortunately, some developers remember about user experience and channel it in their work on similar projects. is one of them. This innovative online platform is easy to use and provides lots of business data entirely for free. Its clear layout and understandable user interface only help to perform a thorough director check and find required company information.

What kind of data can users find on The platform is just perfect for those looking for key information about company structures and executives, starting with the names of top mangers and other leadership figures behind enterprises located in the UK.

All it takes is typing the name of a company or person and the platform will generate a comprehensive list of results. Choosing a profile, users will be able to access information such as a general description of the person, their age, date of birth, nationality and address. Moreover, shows when this person became appointed as the managing director of a company and if they resigned from the post, when they did it. Those who’d like to find out more about his person’s career path can see their work history and an overview of their main co-workers. will also include periods of time when they’ve worked together – something users cannot trace even on the largest professional network, LinkedIn. also offers a wide range of relevant company details, for instance its full name, address, category and Sic code, as well as a selection of company filings of the organization featuring its annual return and full list of members. is a reliable source of information about companies, helping users to get the idea about business leadership in the UK. Regular consumers will be able to check a company’s financial situation before applying for a job. Researchers and journalists can use the platform to conduct market research and learn about a given industry. Professionals can screen companies in search for trustworthy partners or just to check what their main competitors are up to. proves that exhaustive business information doesn’t have to come in a challenging form. Heaps of practical business data are hidden behind a clear and understandable layout, bringing a breath of fresh air to the online business directory scene.