If you’re a parent, you probably realize that the education of your children is not a trivial matter. When choosing a school for your offspring, you might easily get lost in the labyrinths of various opinions and information sources that never show you the whole picture of a schooling facility. Fortunately, there is, a resource that stands up to the challenge of finding a perfect school with its extensive data and innovative approach in presenting all information crucial for any parent concerned about their children’s education.

K2 Stats

In order to choose the best schooling institution possible, you can easily navigate through database by choosing your preferred location. You’ll see the number of schools in every British region, divided into counties and then cities. This will allow you to assess all schooling options available in your vicinity. Once you choose the city, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive list of schools, divided into primary, secondary and high school. Clicking on the school of your choice, you’ll get a vast array of information, key in taking the right educational decision. First of all, the platform provides the essential data, such as the school’s address, geographical location, website and the current enrolment figures in two categories of boys and girls. Scrolling down, you’ll see extensive data on the school’s students, like the percentage of students with SEN statement or the number of pupils with English not as first language. You’ll be able to assess the performance of the school’s pupils on KS1 and KS2 tests, both general and by subject. Moreover, will show you detailed information on school spending per pupil, and other practical information, such as pupil absence and the number of teaching staff.

What is really important about all those statistics is the fact that they are always shown against the average figures of the county, region and the whole of England. This offers a unique perspective that proves to be substantially helpful in choosing the best educational facility possible. You’ll be able to instantly check if the school’s characteristics and performance meet the average national or regional levels, which will become crucial if your child would like to pursue his education by enrolling at a university. is bound to become the ultimate resource for anyone interested in the education of their children and let’s face it – it’s probably every parent! With its user-friendly layout that adds to the value of the website, is a hand-on tool to making a wise decision devoid of unnecessary trouble and stress with just a few clicks.