Localpeek.co.uk takes the online directory scene to the next level


The web today is full of practical information, but users still often struggle to find it. Search engines and online directories often provide insufficient answers, or worse – point users to information which is outdated or fragmentary. Most of the time, users find such databases complex and hard to make sense of, let alone available for a quick search about a local business, store or provider.


Localpeek.co.uk postcode finder addresses precisely this type of consumer need. It’s an innovative online database where key information about local schools, businesses, healthcare providers, restaurants, banks and many more is ordered according to a single factor – the post code. Consequently, Localpeek.co.uk helps to effectively search for essential information about everything located in the vicinity of one UK postal code.

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What type of data does Localpeek.co.uk offer?


Localpeek.co.uk displays plenty of information about many different ventures, providers and services. Tourists will be glad to learn that the platform offers practical data about all interesting places and attractions.


The database also includes a complete list of schools together with their ranks in official school rankings. Those interested in checking local property pricing will be happy to find that type of information here as well. Apart from all that, Localpeek.co.uk provides data for neighbourhoods – for instance, their population and complete list of addresses.


Users who want to explore local restaurants will also see lots of relevant data. Moreover, those seeking help from local healthcare providers will be able to quickly get in touch with a healthcare centre thanks to smart Localpeek.co.uk profiles.


How Localpeek.co.uk works


All users need to do is type in a postal code and the platform generates an interactive map with all interesting places clearly marked and differentiated by category. It’s enough to click on a particular section to display all relevant shops and providers in the area.


Choosing Food, users will see all restaurants located in the vicinity. For every cafe or eatery, Localpeek.co.uk displays a complete address, distance from the starting point and a rating together with its date to help users ensure that it can be actually trusted.


Those interested in researching local healthcare providers will also find a good source of information on this platform. The Medicine section displays all relevant providers – from local ambulances to dentists. Users can instantly check their type, complete addresses, distance from the starting point and phone number.


How about those who are interested in the area’s business scene? Localpeek.co.uk is a perfect match as well. Its immense business section features a great selection of banks and companies which operate in the area. Every venture profile includes a complete address, phone and fax numbers to help users reach out to these companies.


Finally, Localpeek.co.uk can serve as an excellent research tool for parents wishing to choose the right school for their children. The platform displays all types of schools – primary, secondary and high school. A simple school profile features only the address and phone number, but users interested in learning more about an institution can check more details and get all information about the school’s rank in various compilations made for different scholastic levels. This makes Localpeek.co.uk a practical tool for parents who refuse to rely on local opinion or gossip, but prefer solid data when choosing schools for their children.


Localpeek.co.uk – a practical directory of the future


Localpeek.co.uk is a user-friendly database which offers heaps of practical data on a clear layout that is easy to navigate and understand for average internet users. All it takes is a single postal code – on Localpeek.co.uk, it opens the door to learning more about the area in every single English town and city.