UpHours has come to change the way we look for some of the most basic information. You’re on your way back from a trip, and you’re starving. You’re on the interstate, and you don’t want to jump off on the wrong exit, only to find out that every restaurant listed on the sign has been closed for several hours. Where can you go? What should you be looking for? UpHours is here to help you solve that problem, and any similar problem you may encounter.


In order to plan our days, we need to know when we can go where. Should you get up earlier to stop by the auto parts store before work, or will they still be open when you’re on your way home? You need to find their hours of operation and their closing times. At first, one would assume that it’s easy to find this information online, but this isn’t what corporate websites have in mind. Most business websites exist to be selling tools. They’re meant to show off products and advertise what a company has to offer. When they want you to shop online, basic information like opening and closing times tend to get lost in the sea of sales pitches. It’s hard to find what you came for, and to top it off, some companies don’t list the information at all.

Occasionally, Google might attempt to tell you the opening and closing times of a local business, but they can’t always be trusted. If you live outside of a larger city, where businesses will sometimes open earlier and close later, Google may approximate your location and give you the wrong information. The next thing you know, you roll up at your local drugstore for contact solution, believing they were still open for another hour. Once you get there, you find out the times you saw were for a location 30 miles away.

UpHours wants to make things easy for you. Input your location and get accurate information without having to click through page after page for a simple answer. In the event you discover that the particular location you’re searching won’t be open when you need it to, UpHours will allow you to search for similar businesses near your location that are open. Life doesn’t always work out how you plan, and UpHours can help you if Plan A needs to become Plan B.

We’re constantly coming and going. We have busy lives and important things to do. UpHours is a modern convenience that can help us shape our routines for maximum efficiency by providing the timeframes and alternatives we need in order to accomplish everything we desire. UpHours provides a resource that’s necessary in today’s world, and a simple concept that we can all appreciate. Something as small as an easy to navigate list of opening hours for US businesses can save everyone a lot of valuable time.