– quick and easy way to look up postcodes and addresses for all cities, towns and suburbs in the UK and internationally 

In the early 19th century people were using post towns and county names to have their mail delivered to the right recipients. However, as mail volumes started to rise drastically, a new solution for sorting and delivering mail was needed. Initially, London was split into several postal districts, which gave foundations for the modern postal codes system in the UK. But it wasn’t until 1974 that postal codes system has taken its final shape.


As of today, there are approximately 1.8 million live postcodes in the United Kingdom alone and they cover 29 million addresses. Interestingly, each month some 2,750 postcodes are created and 2,500 are terminated. Considering the numbers, it is almost impossible to keep track of all the changes happening in the world of postcodes. Luckily, the developers behind Postcode-Checker have designed a handy solution to solve all your problems with finding correct postal codes. is a brand new platform for looking up addresses and postal codes in the United Kingdom and internationally. On the home page, the users immediately see a search bar where they can type in street address, rural route, and even a PO box number and get a corresponding postal code. The site can also process the postal code alone and present you with a complete address. Postcode-checker comes together with a Google-powered map that shows the exact location searched by the user. If you do not know the exact address you are looking for, or you do not recall the postal code, you can use the interactive map and indicate the area by clicking directly on it. You will be presented with the exact location of the point you have just indicated. In order to change your search, you just need to drag the indicator to different spot on the map. On the platform you can also find a list of cities and towns from all around the United Kingdom, so that you can pick up the location manually and get its corresponding postcode.


At first sight it is noticeable that is extremely user-friendly and readable, designed to maximize the end-user experience and make postcode searches even more enjoyable. The platform is created in accordance with state-of-the-art technology and results-driven solutions, therefore using the site is very intuitive. Accurate content provided by the site, together with its modern web design give the impression of utmost professionalism. The information in the database is regularly updated in order to keep track of postcode changes. The platform is equipped with a supersonic search engine that is able to retrieve relevant results in a matter of seconds. You no longer need to go to several different platforms, or perform multiple counterproductive web searches to find the postcode for the address you are looking for, as is the ultimate resource you will ever need for that purpose. This virtual repository of addresses and corresponding postal codes works on all kinds of portable devices, from smartphones to tablets, which means that you can have this powerful database of knowledge always at your fingertips. And it is completely free of charge!