RaTrust educating the world about healthy sex life


Every sexual interaction carries risks of infections and the number of people diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases rises year after year. RaTrust is there to promote healthy sexual behaviours by providing the community with essential medical assistance and testing.


The beginnings of the organisation date back to 2008 when a friend of Dominika Rejmer, founder of raTrust, died of HIV complications after working as a sex worker. That day Rejmer decided to make it her life’s mission to help every person at risk of contracting STIs or HIV, to educate the society about healthy sex life and to promote responsible sexual behaviours. On the top of that, there is already so much we know about AIDS and HIV, however, HIV-positive people are often stigmatised. Rejmer decided to put an end to this, raise awareness and debunk the myths about HIV-positive diagnosis. The charity was finally set up in 2013 and since then promotes the knowledge about safe sex and helps the people who are the most vulnerable.


It is estimated that some 500,000 people at different ages, with different sexual orientations, genders, and preferences get diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease every year in the UK. At raTrust it is believed that this number could be significantly lowered through education about avoiding reckless sexual encounters, maintaining hygiene and proper use of contraception. Campaigns launched by the organisation have the power to reach high-risk groups and inform them that infections and sexually transmitted diseases can easily be avoided. RaTrust addresses also the needs of sex workers. Currently, the charity works closely with over 120,000 sex workers from all over the UK and provides them with necessary contraception and advice on sexual health. The charity also runs its blog with news and information about STIs, STDs and venereal disease prevention.


RaTrust works together with STI specialists and doctors qualified in HIV prevention, as well as a number of volunteers who conduct workshops, carry out educational campaigns, and run raTrust’s blog. The prevailing aim of the charity is to educate, therefore raTrust’s work is not for profit. It is a helping hand to those in need who very often do not have anyone they can confide in. At raTrust people who want to learn how to avoid contracting STIs, how to make better, responsible sexual choices can find answers to their queries. The ones who need a safe space to voice their concerns and talk about their issues will find non-judgemental volunteers ready to listen and assist with advice. RaTrust also runs a store at which you can buy venereal disease tests, including chlamydia test, HPV test, and even HIV self test ready to be used at home.


If you want to support the work of raTrust you can donate a small sum of money or become a volunteer. Do follow the charity on Twitter and Facebook and help spread the word about life-saving work it does.STI Chlamydia tests