Seven Spots

Anyone who likes to travel knows the value of good researching and journey planning. Getting all the essential information beforehand can make the difference when it comes to holidays, so if you happen to have an inkling to visit the UK, will come right in handy. This innovative service is a must for all history geeks, as well as regular tourists interested in England’s national heritage. With you can be sure to plan a holiday that will stay in your memory for the years to come.

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What is more is that all the historical landmarks are divided into categories, such as church, bridge, cottage, farmhouse, castle or bank. Thanks to this immensely useful search filter, you can be sure to visit only the locations that include attractions you find most interesting. If you’re particularly drawn to historical churches, for instance, will guide you to all the best spots and give you the number of churches for every English region, county and city. This could revolutionize the way we plan our holidays, since the site’s the content is instantly filtered to meet our requirements for a perfect holiday.

A different, but equally exciting functionality of is an instant search by location option. The platform will automatically detect your current geographical location and on this basis will generate an insightful list of all the best attractions located in your vicinity. This offers many great opportunities, from deepening your knowledge about the location to discovering hidden historical gems that might not be mentioned in your regular tourist guides.

If you know the value of a really great holiday that at the same time broadens your horizons, you’ll instantly see all the benefits brought by We predict that will in the future become an essential resource for anyone interested in visiting the UK to see something more than Madame Tussauds.