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Originally, area codes have been assigned to provide geographic information about the location of a landline. With the rapid development of cell phone industry and alternative Internet-based communication channels, the use of landlines has been gradually diminishing, but they remain an inseparable part of UK telecommunication industry. Up until 1995 area codes in the UK started with 01 and from 2000 majority of dialling codes starts with 02. All parts of the United Kingdom share a unified scheme of landline numbering. There are thousands of unique area codes assigned in compliance with strict and complex rules. A full telephone number is made up of 10 or 11 digits, where first three to five digits represent an area code and the remaining numbers stand for landline number. Due to varying length of dialling codes, they need to be written down in a specified format. An area code is usually put into brackets or separated from a landline number with a space. Considering all the factors, it is almost impossible to know all UK dialling codes by heart. That’s why the developers behind decided to create the ultimate virtual repository of knowledge that houses all United Kingdom area codes information in one convenient location and in a form of a user-friendly virtual database.


The idea for the platform came from the need to structure and organise area code information available online and provide the Internet users worldwide with a go-to resource for checking and validating area codes. The data published on the platform was gathered from official documents and government websites, so that you can be sure you are working with reliable and trustworthy datasets. Changes in dialling codes happen very rarely, however with the development of infrastructure across the United Kingdom, more and more new area codes are being introduced by The Office of Communications, which is UK’s regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries. Given that, the information available through is regularly updated for maximum accuracy.


At you can find only the most relevant area codes and all necessary information you may need to use them correctly. When you first enter the platform you immediately notice elegant colour scheme and modern layout. The website is not crowded with useless information or pop-up ads. Instead, it is divided into four easily navigable sections representing regions of the UK – England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. In each section you can find a variety of useful information regarding dialling codes. In order to find the area code you are looking for, go to the top panel of the page where you will find links to regional subpages containing alphabetical lists of dialling codes and corresponding areas that they cover. Each database record houses detailed information about the towns and cities that use a particular dialling code. There is also a brief overview of local and international telephone number formats and call costs.


You can access the platform for free from all modern devices, so do not hesitate and bookmark the page on your notebook, smartphone or tablet today.