After the success of www.bizdb.co.uk, a website designed to provide relevant business information about UK companies, it was only a matter of time until its creators focused on a different yet very similar market – the Republic of Ireland. Thus Whai.ie was born, with a similar aim as it’s British predecessor – to locate, compile and convert to a significantly more accessible format the publicly available business data of local companies. There is a thirst for information out there, business owners are getting more aware of how big an impact the difference between knowing and not knowing might have, thus neccesitating the creation of Whai.ie as a remedy to quench this thirst.


Whai.ie was designed with accessibility in mind, that’s why you’re no longer forced to go through countless pages of almost unreadable statistics or data to find the relevant bits you’re looking for – you have them all in one place. Online databases are abundant, regardless of the topic you are seeking to get educated about, the problem with most of them is that the data they provide is presented in an uninteresting way, without focusing or highlighting what is important. From the moment the idea of Whai.ie was born, one of the main focuses was to present 21 century data in a 21 century way and it is clearly visible on the website.

The information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Contact and address data, supplemented by a precise location on the map.
  • An account of all publicly available financial data of Irish companies.
  • Company registration number, incorporation date, it’s status and category.
  • Nearest competing businesses.

Irish Company Search

Proper use and analysis of the data we provide can give you the edge your business needs to succeed or even outclass your competitors. This data can also give you some insight into the businesses you’re dealing with, which can be extremely helpful in many cases such as you not being sure about the company’s history and wanting to double check.